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There is no charge for controlling rabbits on Farms, Stables or Racecourses in Lanarkshire.

Rabbits were introduced to Great Britain by the Normans.  Since then their numbers have increased until most lowland parts of the UK have a rabbit population.


They are mostly a greyish brown colour but other colours are possible.

They breed all year producing on average 5 litters of about 5 young each time. Mainly breed during Spring to late Summer.

Rabbits are primarily night animals but can be seen at dawn and dusk.  In areas where there are no predators they will be

Their burrows undermine embankments causing erosion and can damage building foundations.

In fields their burrows can create a hazard for livestock who can break their legs by standing in the holes.  They are especially dangerous in horse paddocks.

On grassland 5 rabbits can eat as much grass as one sheep.

They will eat the young shoots of newly sown crops and in gardens will destroy flower beds.