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Grey Squirrels














   Not to be confused with the endangered RED SQUIRREL   

Grey Squirrels,  which are an introduced species, have a body about 9 to 12 inches long.

 The bushy tail is usually slightly shorter than the body.


They are various shades of grey on the back, lighter underneath.

Unlike the Red Squirrel they have no noticeable ear tufts .


Grey Squirrels have for many years been driving  the native Red Squirrel from its native woodland.  They are carriers of Squirrel Pox to which they are immune but which is fatal for the Red species.

They are seen during daylight hours;  in Winter normally between dawn and Mid day.

They usually produce two litters per year anytime from late spring to Autumn, with an average of 3 young per litter

They normally live in trees making a 'Drey' about the size of a football .


The most common reason to consider their removal is when they make their nest in an attic, tearing up loft insulation for use as building material.

They have been known to bite through electrical wiring causing short circuits and creating a serious fire risk.

Apart from causing noise they can leave a mess behind.

They will dig up flower beds looking for places to hide nuts taken from bird feeders and have been known to take bird eggs and nestlings.

They can damage trees by gnawing the bark opening them up to disease.